The Important Things

I’m a game organizer or I have a sports facility/organization. How do I create an account?

Simply download the OpenSports app so that you can post your first game/event. It is very straightforward once you have downloaded the app. Your game/event can be on OpenSports and accepting registrations from local players within minutes - complete with payment processing, a player attendance list, and more.

I am worried that if I post games on OpenSports, players will no longer go to my website, and I still want to generate traffic there.

Our multi-platform integration allows you to send OpenSports invitations that your regulars can respond to - even if they don’t have the app! If you want to use OpenSports to collect RSVP’s through your website, we can give you a link to embed into your website that will always link to your next event, without you always having to update it.

How do I get my game featured on your OpenSports website and app?

Contact us about getting your game featured on our website, so that it can get more web traffic as well as in-app traffic.

The BASICS - Things you may be wondering about OpenSports

How much does the app cost?

There is no software to buy, no set-up fee, and no hosting fees. The only time money comes through the app is when YOU are collecting payment.

So…How do you make money!?

We have a few sustainable revenue sources. Read on to learn more about transaction fees.

When did you launch the app?

June 2016.

Is this app only for Toronto?

No, although that is where most of our current users reside, as a result of a very focused initial launch strategy. We have users from Spain, Brazil, and the Middle East!

Will you be around next year? And the next?


Who else are you working with?

We work with many local community organizations, and sports organizers, covering sports such as Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, Ultimate, Volleyball, Aussie Rules Football, Gaelic Football, and Quidditch.

What is the breakdown of users (by sport)?

When we started the largest group of OpenSports users were soccer players because we focused our launch on the beautiful soccer community. There are a lot of current users looking to play basketball, volleyball, softball, and almost every other sport! You will love using the app to find and connect with them.

Are you only in Toronto/When are you coming to my city?

We are expanding our market from Toronto to select American cities and utilizing sports influencers in these cities. We partner with local sports organizations to help them during events, and advertise via multiple platforms.

What kind of data can you share with me?

We can let you know how close sports players using the app are to your facility, and the gender/age/sports breakdown of them. Other helpful metrics that we can provide for you include how many times your event was viewed, clicked on, joined, cancelled, etc.

How do I know that other organizers/organizations won’t steal my players?

Players are always searching for opportunities to play the sports they love, and if you provide them with a sport/location/date/time that works for them, why would they ever leave!?

Creating a game on OpenSports

How do I create a game?

You need to download the app in order to create a game.

I want to organize a game, but I don’t know who to play with or where to play. I just don’t know where to start!

Creating a game is VERY easy, and we are the perfect platform to use for less experienced game organizers. We have an entire platform full of thousands of local players waiting to play more sports. Once you create a game just invite them!
When it comes to choosing a location to plan your game at, there are various community centres, public fields, and private facilities that you can rent space at. If you are not familiar with the landscape of indoor and outdoor facilities in your area, check out your local parks and recreation website for a list of spaces and places you can play at. You can also read a whole article on tips creating games.

Tips for posting photos

Try using a high resolution photo, and give players a sense of what they’ll be be doing by including an action shots. It’s great if the photo includes the real surroundings so that players get a feel for the space.

Can I automatically repeat a game so that it is listed every week without me always having to create a new game?

It is a semi-automatic process. Just go to the game you created, click on “repeat” and the “Create a Game” form will automatically fill with the same information, and be planned for one week later (which you can easily edit).

Is there an automatic waitlist?

Not yet, but we are working to build this for you.

Getting people to your game

How do I invite players to join my game?

Once you create your game, you’ll see a drop-down list of local OpenSports players that you can instantly invite, based on location, availability, and gender.

I want to invite my pickup crew or team to the game I created, but not everybody uses apps…

No problem! Players can join games through the web without downloading the app. Organizers must download the app in order to create a game.

Why should I bring my whole team or crew of regulars to OpenSports?

Right now, you - like many other organizers - might not be operating at your maximum capacity, and as a result you’re losing out on players and potential revenue! Fill up your games and maximize your revenue.
As a tip, the more players that join internally through OpenSports, the more additional players you will attract to your event!'

What if I’m just looking for a few players?

If you already have a group of friends that play regularly and are just looking for a few extra players, say so when you create a game! Users want to know if the game is going to be ON no matter how many people join through the app.

How do I get my game to fill up?

In the event info section, highlight things that will make players feel comfortable joining. Players want to know if it’s going to be a fun and relaxed or serious game, where to meet, what to bring, public transportation accessibility, and if there’s free parking, among other details. For a list of other suggestions, message OpenSports bot with the hashtag #MoreInfo

TIP The more players that join internally through OpenSports, the more additional players you will attract to your event!!

Will everyone on the app be notified when I post the game?

OpenSports users will only be notified about your game if you or other players invite them to your game. Sometimes we also send extra notifications to players about games that are created by featured organizers.

What if not enough players are joining my game?

If you think you might be a few players short, try using the invite function, and all of the sharing features, which link out to platforms like Facebook, iMessage, Whatsapp, etc. Desperate? You can also message the OpenSports bot with the hashtag #NeedPlayers and we will help you!

Making money through the app

How much $$ can I make using the app?

It depends on what you are hosting. For pickup games, if you charge a few dollars, you can make a few extra bucks, depending on how much it costs you if you are renting a facility. If you are a coach, you can make much more!

Why should I use OpenSports to collect payment from players?

Afraid of no-shows? Players are significantly more likely to show up if they paid through the app. Paying through the app is seamless for users. They love being able to click join and voila - the transaction is complete!
Plus, no more collecting cash from individual players and keeping track of who paid.

What does the Transaction Fee of 5% + $0.30 per player mean?

When users pay for your games through the app, OpenSports charges a 5% + $0.30 transaction processing fee for every payment you collect.

Why does OpenSports charge a Transaction Fee for organizers collecting payment?

To help cover the costs of the services we provide, we charge organizers who collect money through the platform a 5% + $0.30 transaction fee per player.
The transaction fee is only visible to organizers when they set their price. Players see the total price that they’ll pay to play, and no additional fees are charged to players.
OpenSports automatically withholds transaction fees from organizer payouts after a completed rsvp. Payouts are released to organizers within one week after the game.

If players pay me through the app, how do I receive my money?

OpenSports will send you your money via an e-transfer, within one week of when your event happens.

Can I collect some credit card payments through OpenSports and some cash payments at my event?

Not at the moment. If you select “Collect payment through OpenSports” while creating your game, then everybody who joins your game through OpenSports must pay through the app.

Which credit card companies can players use to send payment?

Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX.

How do I keep track of payments received over time?

In order to track payment through the app you will have access to the online and in-app payment dashboard to:
1) See who is coming and who has paid
2) Issue refunds with one click
3) See how much money you have made through the app over time

What if I want my fees to change mid-term through a posting (i.e., make the last 5 spots more/less expensive?)

That is possible! Go to edit your game, and add new player spots, and input a price.

If the game is cancelled, how do I refund players who paid on the App?

Issuing refunds is very easy, right through the app. Just click the player’s name under the attendees list and click refund.
>If you want to set up a different automatic refund policy, please contact us.


How are you different from MeetUp?

We are free! It does not cost you money to start organizing games on OpenSports. We are a sports specific platform that tailors everything we do to the experience of the recreational athlete. We are the most effective and streamlined sports platform for helping you invite local players to games, that are available when you need them! We also are the best platform for the planning of last minute games and finding partners for 1v1 sports like tennis, squash, and badminton.

What does the distance mean? 10 km away from…?

Distance refers to distance from where the user lives, according to the location they typed in or the location that their GPS found when they onboarded.

I manage a facility/organization and I want an account under that name instead of my personal name.

No problem! We can change that without you having to create a new account.

How do I get a rating? Can I hide my ratings?

After a game, players have the option of rating the game/event organizer. Every rating you receive across all of the games you organize is aggregated to provide an average rating. Feedback and reviews in the app are important in order to provide players with reliability of organizers. Ratings cannot be hidden or turned off.