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Intermediate Pickleball
I have been playing on and off since 2023. Usually come along with my 3 kids who love it and are improving with each session. As for me I might be a little unorthodox, but I'm improving all the time.

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Pickleball FUN Community

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💙 Our VISION Is To Empower People To Live Happier And Healthier Lives Through Pickleball.


Pickleball FUN Community is dedicated to serving the Pickleball Community around our current 8 locations within Ashburton, Balwyn, Carlton, Caroline Springs, Doncaster, Hawthorn, Heathmont and Knoxfield.

We are committed to bringing instructional, competitive, and social pickleball to the community in first-class facilities operated by passionate people dedicated to ensuring an awesome Pickleball FUN experience. That FUN experience fulfils our 4 core beliefs, which we call C.A.R.E. (Community, Appeal, Results, Exercise).

To discover more about Pickleball FUN Community visit our official website - www.PickleballFUN.au
Thanks also to our major sponsor JOOLA - www.Joola.com.au

\*\* With over 450, 5-STAR REVIEWS, here's what some of our Pickleball FUN Superstars are saying...

🩷 "Jay's 'Fun Community' Pickleball sessions are brilliant and inspiring. Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an advanced player looking to hone your skills, these sessions are incredibly accessible and adaptable to all levels. Jay and the team take immense pride in providing all the support and development any player could wish for, and their dedication to fostering growth at every stage of the game is evident, as is their passion for the sport and for teaching it. The banter and laughs are top-notch too." ~ Lauren R.

🧡 "Excellent session Pickleball FUN & Jay! Great to have such an enthusiastic coach who eats and breathes pickleball fun and instructions are given clearly and demonstrated twice for those of us who learn best by observation 😁" ~ Jackie D.

🩵 "The opportunity to play singles against quality opponents is an absolute bonus. At Doncaster Secondary College on a Thursday night, you have the option of either full court, skinny or 8 minutes of drills for each rotation. When you want to really challenge yourself you can play against Jay. At the very least it can be a great learning experience. Jay is always happy to provide feedback on technique and strategies if requested. The players can change slightly each week but the healthy competition in a relaxed and supportive environment does not. I thoroughly recommend this session, which is open to everyone, to any players looking to improve their game." ~ Greg

💖 "Pickleball with Pickleball FUN is a fantastic experience. Jay is an organised, patient, and knowledgeable coach who takes us through drills and match-play scenarios to help us to understand strategies and techniques. Above all, it is a great workout and heaps of fun and everyone is welcoming and friendly." ~ Ed F.

🤎 "Great clinic for increasing skills, gameplay strategy and different shots. Being able to apply them in drills and then in real match play straight after was awesome! Will definitely be back." ~ Sam D.

💜 "Had an excellent drills and coaching session on Friday night. Jay is a brilliant strategist and coach and I picked up so much over this 3-hour session. Would highly recommend Pickleball FUN Coaching to anyone looking to learn the sport or level up their game. Very much looking forward to the next bash (/dink!)" ~ Pete W.

💚 "Jay’s ability to connect with all ages and levels of play to improve their game is clear to see. The explanations provided for the strategies and skills were a great help in understanding the game and how to improve and ultimately succeed. Taking the time to stop and read the opponent’s shot before moving has helped me immensely. I recommend Pickleball FUN sessions for all those looking to improve their Pickleball game!" ~ Simone N.

💛 "Jay and Pickleball FUN has taken his coaching to the next level. Last night Jay took the time to explain the type of shot you should consider attempting depending on your court positioning. For me, it gave me a new perspective on playing the percentages and managing a rally to be more competitive. We initially practised drills for different sections of the court before progressing to match play to utilise the skills we were working on. I would highly recommend this Pickleball FUN session to anyone interested in improving their game." ~ Greg L.

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Pickleball Manningham is leading the charge helping to get Pickleball to its rightful place as one of Australias favourite sports. Pickleball Manningham is a not for profit sporting club operating 8 indoor pickleball courts in Melbourne's East.

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Eastern Indoor Pickleball

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Social Play

Play friendly matches

Develop your skills

Meet new players

2 hour time slot

Food & Drink Available

$10 per person

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