Pamela Araujo
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BB Indoor Volleyball
I'm looking to play indoor volleyball with others.

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BB Beach Volleyball
I'm looking to play beach volleyball with others.

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BB Grass Volleyball
I'm looking to play grass volleyball with others.

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Philadelphia Volleyball

5399 members

We are the leading group for organized adult volleyball in the Philadelphia area. We are member-supported, led by volunteers, and organize in neighborhood gyms and parks all around the city.

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TNT Volleyball Philly & Rainbow Volleyball

915 members

TNT Volleyball is organized pickup run by TNT Volleyball Philly Club located at the TNT Bunker in North Wales.

Rainbow Volleyball is organized pickup events and tournaments with a focus on Inclusivity and the Enjoyment of all Participants - hosting primarily in the King of Prussia region.

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Lloyd Hall Recreation

1599 members

Lloyd Hall Recreation Center on Boathouse Row in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.

Some of the activities we offer:

Full court basketball

Fitness classes

Adult Rowing lessons


Adaptive Yoga


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Crane Community Center

1180 members

Crane Community Center's Open Sport Sessions

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*Competitive* Volleyball group - Ewing, NJ

296 members

A group focused on playing quality volleyball. This group is for players who are BB and above skill level. We play every Sunday 6.30 PM - 9.30 PM in a school gym at Ewing, NJ . Address & other details are @

Players are always limited to 14 players. This group provide preference to players who are regular in our meetup.

More details are posted in our events

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Cabrini pickup

83 members

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🏐πŸ₯·β€’Net α‘ŽIα‘Žα’α—©β€’ πŸ₯· 🏐

27 members

🌟 Welcome to "Net Ninjas" – where the art of the game meets the precision of the court! 🏐 Prepare to embark on an indoor volleyball journey like no other, where every serve, spike, and dive is a testament to our ninja-like skills. πŸ₯·πŸ Whether you're a seasoned ninja or a volley rookie, our dojo of dynamic players welcomes all. Join Net Ninjas for a thrilling indoor volleyball experience, where the net becomes our canvas for epic plays and victories. Are you ready to channel your inner ninja on the court? Let the games begin! πŸš€ #NetNinjas #VolleyballDojo 🏐πŸ₯·

Here are some player rules for volleyball pickup events:

πŸ₯·β€’ Respect Everyone: 🀝 Treat fellow players, organizers, and officials with respect.

πŸ₯·β€’. Fair Play: βš–οΈ Play by the rules, and uphold the spirit of fair competition.

πŸ₯·β€’ Rotate Positions: πŸ”„ Rotate positions regularly to ensure everyone gets a chance to play different roles.

πŸ₯·β€’ Communication is Key: πŸ—£οΈ Effective communication within the team is crucial. Keep it positive and encouraging.

πŸ₯·β€’ Keep it Safe: 🩹 Prioritize safety. Avoid risky moves that might lead to injuries.

πŸ₯·β€’ Enjoy the Game: πŸ˜„ Have fun! Remember, it’s a pickup game, so enjoy the experience on the court.

πŸ₯·β€’. Timely Arrival: ⌚ Be punctual. Arrive on time to ensure a smooth start for everyone.

πŸ₯·β€’. Equipment Respect: 🏐 Take care of the equipment. Report any damages immediately.

πŸ₯·β€’ Hydrate: 🚰 Stay hydrated. Bring water to keep yourself refreshed during the game.

πŸ₯·β€’. Follow Organizer Instructions: πŸ“‹ Adhere to any specific instructions or announcements from the event organizers.

Enjoy the game and make it a memorable experience for everyone!

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