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Northern Beaches Pickleball

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Welcome to Northern Beaches Pickleball Association, bringing pickleball to Sydney's northern beaches region. We run sessions of competitive play, social play and skills improvement for players of all levels from absolute beginners to advanced dinkers every day, at several venues. We welcome new players and visitors from overseas, interstate and all of NSW.

After you create an OpenSports account, use your original login details when you access your account from a new device. For example, if you create an account using your email address as your login ID, do not then use your Apple or Facebook ID when you login from a different device. If you forgot your password, request a reset.

Please read the following thoroughly. More complete information about pickleball and our Club is on our website

If you have not played pickleball previously, or if you have only played a few times, you must first attend one of our "Building Pickleball Skills" sessions. At your first session of "Building Pickleball Skills", we will provide all the information you need to join NBPA and be able to attend the various sessions we run.

You can attend one session of “Building Pickleball Skills” before you join NBPA. If you decide to attend more sessions with NBPA, you must join the Club, according to the instructions you will be given, which are also on our website.

If you are already a member of Pickleball Australia through another Club, or if you have played pickleball and are familiar with the rules, including scoring, you may be able to attend "All Grades" sessions straight away. Also visitors to our region are most welcome to play with us. Please refer to our website for details on temporary and permanent membership.

We look forward to seeing you on the court!

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