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Beginner: NTRP 2.0 Tennis
I'm looking to play tennis with other players and get better this summer!!
Intermediate Soccer
I play on coed and women’s teams, if anybody is looking for a sub, and love to play pickup! ⚽️ 👑

Updated 4 years ago

Beginner Badminton
I'm looking to play badminton with others 🥳

Updated 4 years ago

Beginner Indoor Volleyball
I'm looking to play volleyball with other players.
Beginner Softball
I want to join a team/play this summer :)
B Beach Volleyball
I'm looking to play outdoor volleyball with other players.


Chicago Fire Rec Soccer | CFRS

6106 members

Welcome! We are Chicago Fire Rec Soccer (CFRS).

CFRS is the largest provider of adult rec soccer in the Midwest! Each season we organize 40+ leagues for more than 300 local teams. We offer small-sided and full-sided leagues for everyone: beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Beyond leagues, we also offer pickups, skills classes, and tournaments. Simply put, if you want to play soccer in Chicago you’ve come to the right place!

Here, we’ll post all of our upcoming pickups AND we’ll also post substitute opportunities in CFRS Coed, Women's, and Men’s leagues. All our pickups have a CFRS staff member on site, match balls provided, and colored training bibs for each team. All CFRS pickups are held at our world-class facility on Chicago's northside.

If you’d like more info about CFRS leagues or the world-class Fire Pitch check out: If you want to speak directly with a CFRS staff member don’t hesitate to reach out us at

See you soon!

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Sons of Pitches FC - Pickup Soccer

8629 members

Welcome to SOPFC! We are an Atlanta-based, community-driven club that meets at premium turf fields under stadium lights to play friendly, organized, daily pickup soccer games and 7v7 leagues. Learn more about our club and join leagues as a Free Agent or Captain at

🙌 Invite or Pay for a Friend: Share events with friends, or pay for a guest when you join.

⏰ Arrive on Time: Players must check in within 15 minutes of the event start time.

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Philadelphia Volleyball

5378 members

We are the leading group for organized adult volleyball in the Philadelphia area. We are member-supported, led by volunteers, and organize in neighborhood gyms and parks all around the city.

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Pittsburgh Badminton Club

1629 members

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Badminton Club (a non profit organization)! Join us at one of our events (we have players at all skill-levels) to play some great games, make new friends and get a good workout in the process!

We are a group of badminton enthusiasts dedicated to playing with and helping other like-minded players in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (U.S.A) area. We regularly meet at suitable courts for formal pre-arranged doubles or singles matches, or informal pick-up open group badminton court times.

Currently, our club meets and plays every

Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays 7PM to 9PM at REL Academy, a multi-sports facility located at 1901 Mayview Rd #4, Bridgeville, PA 15017. These sessions are posted at Noon on Saturdays.

Also Tuesday 8PM to 10PM at Hampton Community Park located at 3101 McCully Rd, Allison Park, PA 15101. This session will be posted on Wednesdays at 9:00pm

Attendance to these sessions is strictly regulated so please join the group and look out for invites.

This group is intended to allow players to sign-up for regularly hosted events, make friends and to freely exchange information & ideas related to the sport within a safe environment. It is also meant to be a place for individual players and smaller established badminton groups throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area to find & meet other players with similar skill-levels, organize games or practice sessions outside of the regularly scheduled times, get to know each other, and potentially grow the badminton community in Pittsburgh into a strong and close-knit group.

Feel free to contact one of the organizers to get more info or just post in this group with any questions you might have.

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198 members

Petoskey area pickup soccer group. Polite games, no shin guards. Generally intermediate & above. No age or gender restrictions. We usually play at PYSA Click Road fields, sometimes at the Petoskey High School stadium, and then at the Petoskey Field House (turf, requires membership or drop-in fee) in the winter. Location will be indicated in each event listing.

RULES – PLEASE join events (respond through the app) AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, but no later than 3 hours before the start time (and cancel by then if you previously joined the event but have to pull out). We will usually cancel the event if at least 8 have not joined by 3 hours before the start time. This is so everybody can plan with confidence that the pick up game is going to happen. When you receive notification for upcoming event, just tap 'Join' if you are coming. (Please DO NOT 'Decline' if you're not coming, as this just generates lots of unhelpful notifications for the admins.)

Note: Member may bring guests to pick up events. Just add them when you join. If the guest will continue to attend future events, please tell them about the OpenSports app so that they receive event notifications for future events.

Please spread the word to other experienced players!

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Toronto CityPlace Soccer

1068 members

A men's group for Torontonians to come together and share their love for soccer--or futbol if you will. Jogo bonito.

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1911 members

TSC aka Toronto Soccer Connection hosts Leagues, Tournaments and Pick-ups. We are more than just a soccer organization, we are a community and we are passionate about the game. Come join us and feel the difference.



-Women Group (500 members):


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Charleston Social F.C.

1558 members

Welcome to Charleston SC's adult pickup soccer club!

This is a COMPETITIVE GROUP. In a effort to prevent injuries, beginners and small children do not typically play in our sessions.



Charleston SFC’s ONLY 3 Rules:

No Goalie Defense. We play with very small pop up goals. These goals are 10 times smaller than full size goals that a goalkeeper would defend in a real match. Therefore the consensus to not have a pug goalkeeper has always been clear. A person positioned intentionally and directly in front of these goals during our games only eliminates most medium to long range shots, which is not fair to the opposing team and eliminates part of what make international football, football.

OUTS. A ball clearly passing behind the goal line goes to the defending side to restart, UNLESS it was kicked out by the defense in an unsportsmanlike way on purpose. Outs on the sides do not exist. For fluidity’s sake, whoever gets the ball will continue play (aka - the hustle rule).

Honor code dictates fowls, hand balls etcetera.

DIVIDING TEAMS. White shirts are typically paired up with shirtless players (aka skins). Dark shirts are typically all on one side. This said, PLEASE BRING A WHITE AND DARK SHIRT OPTION, avoiding light grey please!


Please don’t have conversations on the field. If you want to talk, step off. Some of us show up to play. The social bit happens before and after, so if you can’t multitask, that’s fine, just save the chat for after the game.

THIS IS A TEAM SPORT: Pickup is for working on your skills, but no one wants ‘a wanna be’ show boat on their team. If you’re too good to pass the obvious pass, please contact your agent and get signed already. Dribbling is fun, but not for your teammates when there was no need to dribble in the first place.

My rule: No shot or pass, now I can dribble.

You lose the ball, you get it back. Same goes for - You miss your shot, you chase it. ‘You shag it, you bag it!’


Gadsdenboro Park.. across from the Aquarium.

Harmon Field - near Burke High School downtown.

Corrine Jones field - corner of Hester and Maple Streets in downtown Charleston, SC.

McMahon Field (corner of Rutledge Ave and Moultrie Street downtown.. in front of Hampton Park).

Join CHARLESTON SOCIAL FOOTBALL CLUB to be notified of several pickup games each week, at different fields in and around Charleston, as well as organized social gatherings for watching live matches! See you on the pitch, or at the bar!

👌⚽️ 🍺 Andrew

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Casco Bay Sports

960 members

We are a coed adult sport and social club that runs various sports leagues & pick up play in the Greater Portland area. Pick up is organized through the OpenSports app.

Current Pickup Sports offered: Soccer (Indoor & Outdoor), Volleyball (Indoor & Outdoor)

💯% Money Back Guarantee: Auto-refunds occur if you cancel your spot before the Refund Deadline.

🙌 Invite or Pay for a Friend: Share events with friends, or pay for a guest when you join.

⏰ Arrive on Time: Players MUST check in within 15 minutes of the event start time.

Have fun and enjoy exercising!

We also offer full length leagues in soccer, volleyball and numerous other sports that you can signup for as a free agent or register a full team. For complete details:

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Toronto Pickup Soccer / Football Group

2560 members

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we are cancelling all upcoming March/April events on OpenSports and have suspended the ability to create events on OpenSports. As a sports community this is a really difficult decision but it’s in everybody’s best interest to maintain social distancing. I know we all miss the beautiful game a lot. Thank you for being a continued supporter of OpenSports. Be well, everyone. Alicia

Hello! Welcome to our Toronto Soccer community🤗

Join this group to get notified about several pickup games per week, at different fields around the city! Some free, some paid. See you on the pitch 👌⚽️

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Atlanta Sport and Social Club

1673 members

Atlanta Sport and Social Club is Atlanta’s go-to for adult recreational sports leagues, tournaments, and pick-up games! Get out, get active, and meet new people. We strive to be the highlight of your week! #PlayInTheATL

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OSSO Sports & Social - OKC

623 members

We are the leading group for organized adult (21+) activities in the OKC area.

Volleyball (Beach, Indoor & Grass)

Flag Football (Outdoor & Indoor)



7v7 Outdoor Soccer


Sign up here for adult league play if you haven't already:

🎫 Reservation required to attend all events

🔄 Most events repeat weekly

🔔 Invites are sent about 1 week prior to play

⏳ Always join the wait list, it's free

Don't see an event or time that interests you, want to rent a sand volleyball court for a private party or have questions about signing up or inviting your friends? Call or Text Us! (405) 418-6776 or shoot us an email at

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Drop-in Basketball

405 members

Sport: Co-ed Basketball Age: Adult (18+) Officiated: Non Level: Recreational

Format – 15 players – 3 teams of 5 – 10 minute quarters – limit 15 players

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Vic gravel rides

389 members


Gravel rides around regional victoria Urban rides around melbourne

we post a monthly Urban ride using bike paths and Roads any bike is fine

We aim post 2 Social gravel rides a month around Victoria you join rides at your own risk

best done on a Gravel bike Mtb Cx etc

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346 members

We specialize in coed adult social sports!

Normally, we organize 7-week leagues with after parties included after every game, but we know that not everyone can commit to a full season, have sporadic work schedules, and/or want to try a sport out before paying for a full league, so we are excited to now offer drop-in games to allow people like you a chance to come out, get active, and social!

Now you have even more flexibility to enjoy your favorite sports with us. This is also great for a spontaneous fun night out and/or for visiting friends from out-of-town. The Sport & Social Club is for people who like sports, but LOVE to socialize.


Only $5.99 per event

1 hr of game play

We assemble teams on site

Fieldhouse location: has 3 regulation courts with newly installed lights

Woodland location: has 5 regulation courts, new sand, and offers outdoor bar service

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The Hangar Futsal Group

236 members

Futsal/indoor soccer players

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207 members

This group is tailored to avid soccer and futsal players that are looking to join pickups and leagues offered around town. Join this group and stay tuned for the latest opportunities and enjoy playing in a fun, safe, competitive environment. Please play with the LOVE OF THE GAME!

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Female players looking for leagues/subs

116 members

This group is for female soccer players looking for opportunities to sub or join leagues.

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Play tennis this week in Toronto

86 members

This group is for people looking to play tennis in and around Toronto! Feel free to post games and invite locals using OpenSports' handy invite tool!

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80 members

We use soccer as a fundraising tool. Local Game. Global Change.

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Orlando Soccer FC

48 members

Join us every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30pm to 10pm at Boombah Sports Complex in Sanford. RSVP at (407)-731-4931.

Join our National USASA Elite CFSL Premier team on our Open Tryouts on Sunday mornings at 9am, RSVP at (407)-731-4931.

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Players Volleyball 🏐

42 members

Drop in, league play, tourney play. Indoor, beach, grass. ALL THINGS VOLLEYBALL!

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VC Arena Pick UP Soccer

16 members

Come play pick up soccer on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 5 PM to 7 PM. All are welcomed to play. We will form teams and play. We have vents to divide teams up. Please bring sneakers, turf shoes, Soccer socks and shin guards. No out door cleats are allowed on the field. Visit our website or call us (805) 484-7384 if you have any questions.

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Mississauga Pick-Up Soccer

11 members

Players representing Mississauga ⚽️

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