Neel Mansatta
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Intermediate Cricket
I'm looking to play cricket with others.

Updated 6 months ago

B Beach Volleyball
I'm looking to play beach volleyball with others.

Updated 6 months ago


Big City Volleyball

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We are New York City's #1 source for everything volleyball, and this is our Big City group for all our Adult Programs! Sign-Up for open play, classes, leagues, tournaments, and more in advance to participate in Big City Volleyball’s weekly Tuesday through Sunday afternoons and evenings with locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens. All locations are conveniently located just a few blocks from major subway stations. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE 🏆Beginner to Advanced players are welcome!! 🏐 Must be 18 years old to participate! KEY LINKS - BCV Website: https://www.bigcityvolleyball.com/home/?adult - Open Play and Classes (Upcoming Events): https://opensports.net/big-city-volleyball/events/upcoming - League Registration (League tab): https://opensports.net/big-city-volleyball/leagues - Memberships and Packs (Must log in to Open Sports): https://opensports.net/big-city-volleyball/memberships/public Looking for Youth Programs? - Join our youth group: https://opensports.net/big-city-youth/events/upcoming - BCV Website: https://www.bigcityvolleyball.com/home/?youth

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